Working Capital

Working Capital: Solutions for Small Businesses

In this tight economy, it's tough for small businesses to get the cash they need from the banks. According to the Wall Street Journal, an estmated 65% of banks have tightened their standards on loans to small businesses.

We offer quick access to working capital loans and high approval rates. Our process is simple, easy, and without the hassle of traditional bank loans.

We can help companies that may have been considered too risky by traditional lenders. Your company could qualify for a loan based on your ability to pay rather than a credit score.

These loans may be used to:

  • Expand your business
  • Purchase inventory
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Manage seasonality
  • Remodel your facility
  • Meet upfront contract expenses
  • Handle emergencies

Purchasing goods by volume helps companies lower their cost on inventory and boost their profitability.

We offer quick access to unrestricted and unsecured cash—so you can have the inventory in hand when YOU need it!

If your business has at least $150,000 in annual revenues, a working capital loan may be a good alternative for your financing needs.

There is NO cost and NO obligation for us to generate you an offer.


You can also fill out our application and submit by Fax or Mail.
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pinnacle-business-capital4Financing your business and equipment no longer has to be a daunting task. Pinnacle Business Capital makes the process easy by providing you "one stop" financing solutions. Whether you need equipment lease financing or working capital, look to Pinnacle Business Capital to make your dreams a reality.

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