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Extra mile pays back with a satisfied customer on New Year’s Eve.

How far would you go for a customer? Pinnacle Leasing, a new Prime Advantage Supplier, knows the answer. Elan Industries was in a difficult situation right before the New Year, as they were trying to get a leasing deal for a particular piece of equipment on the books for 2010. The year was coming to a close quickly and with the holidays in full swing, Elan had no lease secured with any banks.

Luckily, Prime Advantage had just brought a new Supplier on board, Pinnacle Leasing. Tod Siegel with Pinnacle Leasing was able to secure a competitive rate for Elan Industries at the last minute while beating out offers from other banks as well. Tod Siegel was instrumental in taking over the entire project, consulting on the best options and taking care of all the necessary paperwork. In just 6 days from start to finish, Pinnacle Leasing was able to provide the necessary guidance, take total ownership of the project and close the lease for Elan Industries. The equipment was delivered to Elan Industries even before all the paperwork was completed. The vendor paid within a day of documents received.

Pinnacle Leasing has been a consulting partner for many companies over a number of years. They are known for taking the entire process in their hands and provide guidance and expertise in everything that leasing has in it – from choosing the right options to taking care of all the paperwork. Prime Advantage welcomes Pinnacle Leasing to the Group and anticipates many more success stories to come from the Group!

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“When we were ready to expand our restaurant we knew that we had to get the equipment we needed to support our growth. We turned to Pinnacle Leasing, and through their fast and easy application process, got the equipment we needed right away. This translated into more customers and the revenue to grow our restaurant.”

— Savastano Pizza , Tulsa, OK

“As a brand new business owner, getting our business set up the right way, and without blowing my budget, was very important to our success. The professionals at Pinnacle Leasing showed me how we could get the playground and kitchen equipment we needed with an unsecured line of credit, which meant predictable monthly payments and no equity. I’ll continue to use Pinnacle Leasing as my company grows.”

— McCoy Child Care Center , Colorado Springs, CO

“Starting a franchise is a daunting task, but Pinnacle Leasing made the process of leasing our medical imaging equipment fast and easy. They connected us with the right equipment vendor for our needs, got us approved quickly, and before we knew it, we had the equipment in house and the “open” sign hanging on the door. Thanks to Pinnacle Leasing, we opened our doors on time and on budget.”

— Digicom, Miami, FL

“I used Pinnacle Leasing when I needed additional tanning equipment to grow my business. Of my five salons, Pinnacle Leasing helped me open three. I was pleasantly surprised by the easy application process and the fast approval that I received with Pinnacle Leasing. They made the process simple, treated me in a professional manner, and got me the equipment I needed, when I needed it.”

— Body & Sol Tanning Boutique , Yorktown, VA

“I’ve worked with Pinnacle Leasing for a number of years to keep my computer equipment state-of-the-art. Not only do they provide fast approvals, but their professional service is second to none. No matter who I deal with, I always get the answers I need and the fast, professional service I demand.”

— MSI, Broomfield, CO

“When Longmont United Hospital needed a new CT scanner, we trusted the professionals at Pinnacle Business Capital. They competed head-to-head with a number of well-known banks, and beat them by an incredible five figures over the course of our 5-year lease. By providing us with structured, yet flexible terms, Pinnacle Business Capital was able to exceed our expectations while affording us the critical-care medical equipment we needed – all while saving us money in the process. The staff at Pinnacle Business Capital was fast, efficient, and professional and I look forward to working with them again to assist in the acquisition of our future medical equipment needs.”

— Longmont United Hospital, Longmont, CO

Pinnacle comes through!

After a 14 year relationship with my bank, I thought it would be a no brainer to get a small loan from them for a business expansion. I was told by my bank that they did not want any more exposure to the restaurant industry. Clearly they didn’t care about the individual owner operator and used broad outlines to make their decisions.

A friend recommended that I call Pinnacle Business Capital. I gave them a quick background on my financial situation and they felt strongly that they could help. Pinnacle Business Capital provided me with the paperwork to get started, walked me through every step and we were underway.

Pinnacle Business Capital negotiated with several banks and found the best deals for us. They provided clear and concise instructions on getting the information they required. Pinnacle’s follow through was tremendous. I felt like they were a partner in my business. This was the exact opposite of how my bank made me feel.

I strongly recommend Pinnacle Business Capital. They know the industry and have the relationships to help put the right bank with your business and get you back to what you should be doing… running your business!

— Napoleon, Atlanta, GA